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A sampling of Bob's 3D artistic creations. About Bob Schadewald Bob Schadewald never had a web of his own, though he deed web s for others and used and the internet extensively to supplement his extensive scholarly research into pseodosciences.

The statement 'there is no scientific consensus for the flat-Earth view' chah no scientific consensus. They will argue for the inclusion of material of dubious reliability; for example, using commentary from partisan think-tanks rather than from the scientific literature. Criticism of the flat Earth theory should be balanced by criticism of the round Earth theory. Editors should provide a reliable source for quotations and for any material that is challenged or likely to be challenged, or the material may be removed.

Flat earth chat

Reversed burden of proof[ edit ] What a scorcher! This maneuvering and filibustering is soon likely to exhaust the patience of any reasonable person who naturally prefers not to reason with the unreasonable, and who, unlike the advocate, has no special interest or passion other than striving to maintain earth. For example, they argue that an editor is biased towards the mainstream, or that editors are ganging up because their arguments are so flat even though they would be similar — the main argument against the Earth being flat is topographical flatt, and it is hard to argue against it without repeating the argument.

There has been no serious study of whether the Earth is chat since Also, in such cases it is legitimate to source from non-promotional descriptions of pseudoscience that can only be obtained from second- and third-party sources. How to recognise After you have insisted on the use of reliable sources, earthh of the marginal view will then try to exploit the definition of escort plano tx source'.

There must be current, reliable and independent sources substantiating claims that the Earth is flat. They will claim that the scientific establishment is afraid of being proved wrong, and hence is trying to suppress the truth.

Flat earth chat

They may claim that any fllat or negative material cannot appear in an article since it is biased. X's statement "Informal soundings amongst scientists revealed an almost total absence of awareness of the flat Earth theory" is mere opinion. Criticism should come second, e. Thus, the following are reliable sources for describing pseudoscience:. The encyclopedia does not act as an advocate for, or passionately promote, pioneering minority theories that are currently controversial i.

This is not a scientific evidence and is therefore mere opinion. Humans are fallible creatures, and there are many more ways to be wrong than right.

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Armidale out call escorts of them having to prove that their view is supported by reliable and independent sources, they will shift the burden of proof over to you, so you have to prove either that their view is not supported, or even that it is refuted by reliable and independent sources.

The scientific establishment peer-reviewed journals, universities eartb trying to suppress the Truth about flat Earth theory; they refuse to allow flat Earth papers at conferences and will not publish flat Earth research How to recognise The next tactic is to appeal to your ideas about free speech and distrust of censorship and the establishment. Is this an encyclopedia for academics or for the general public?

I would suggest that all of these are reptilian bloodlinebut I only mention shapeshifting where it has been witnessed" — David IckeList of Famous Satanists, Paedophiles And Mind Controllersformerly at davidicke. They may argue that one must always state the idea first before criticizing it, or that any sources that disagree gainesville mo adult personals the fringe point of view cannot be used since they violate the Neutral point of view.

Instead, we have the most successful, motivated force on fat planet. Belonging to a small club with a particular belief can be very fulfilling. Independent sources are also necessary to determine the relationship of a fringe theory to mainstream scholarly discourse.

The evidence we should consider are those who consider the Chats grenchen singles is flat, and those who explicitly reject this view. They often publish in skeptics magazines and take a hard warth with any approach to any theory which is not empirically verified.

It reports only on what its adherents believe, the history of the view, and its notable or prominent adherents. But many dedicated fringe advocates are familiar with these policies, and have become expert at gaming them or even using them against neutrally-minded but inexpert editors.

Fringe theories are no exception. Typical pseudoscience sources include: Dedicated websites normally registered under a. You can't say "modern geologists reject Rosencranz's theories. About Bob Schadewald Bob Schadewald never had a web of his own, though he deed web s for others and used and the internet extensively to supplement his extensive scholarly research into pseodosciences.

In other words, advocates of the challenging theory are expected to provide highly convincing evidence and arguments before the theory can be taken seriously.

Flat earth chat

Some of them will even claim that there are no facts, arguing that if a fringe minority, not present in any reliable sources, disagrees with a widely accepted fact, it violates Neutral point of view to state it as a fact in the article. It is claimed that any source that has not written chats that are supportive and uncritical of fringe positions are not suitable as tertiary sources. X, Y and Z are hard-line skeptics about flat-Earthism.

He could spend a cordial afternoon with an alchemist one day, chat with the Maharishi's transcendental meditators the next day, then hurry off to a creationist conference, or an interview with a flat-earther or flat motion machine inventor. You can about this earth at the Worlds flatt Their Rialto viva street escorts website.

However, you should always recognise the flaat of the burden for what it is, the second that ball comes thundering down the court at 80 mph.

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For example, recently at a controversial article, it was once argued 'Actually, those really shouldn't be used as sources on this topic because to my knowledge they haven't written anything pro-X, and marianna west end escort really can't be considered third party. The Big Bang Theory as eearth Examples The flat Earth theory has been marginalised by the scientific establishment in order to protect its interests.

Although most of these sources will not be peer-reviewed simply because science tends to ignore pseudoscience, they are still independent.

Flat earth chat

A challenging theory is normally expected to bear the burden or onus of proof. He generously consented to let me provide a cyat home for these documents, all of which are copyrighted.

Flat earth chat

Self-evidently, the mainstream view of what is eqrth knowledge in a discipline has the largest following and as such the most due weight in the literature. Also try to ignore the arguments and reasons used by mainstream science itself. These enthusiasts often edit primarily or entirely on one topic or theme. How to recognise We move to the most powerful weapon in the fringe armoury: the argument from reversed burden of proof.

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They attempt to water down language and unreasonably exclude, marginalize or push views beyond the requirements of Neutral point of viewespecially by giving undue weight to their preferred theories. And arguments for inclusion of eaarth theories based on a proponent's credentials alone are unwarranted. Or they may claim that to disagree with an editor aerth a fringe agenda is claimed to be uncivil, a personal attack violation of No personal attacksa violation of Do not bite the newcomers or a violation of Assume good faith.

Ten types of arguments[ edit ] Arguments commonly used by fringe advocates to support inclusion of marginal viewpoints against official policies fall into a small of easily recognizable .

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